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Title: DN Sails - New & Used
Post by: DBS on March 01, 2011, 01:44:32 PM
Dieball Sailing DN Sails -
both New and Used.

One used BB-01 Power Sails. Used one day at the Worlds. $500, which includes battens, numbers & bag!

One used JD-01 Speed Sails. Used one day at the Worlds, $500. Includes battens, numbers & bag.

Three BRAND NEW JD-01 Speed Sails. $700, which includes battens, numbers and bags AND SHIPPING!

All the above designs were seen in the Gold Fleet at the World Championship.
Located in Toledo, OH.
Ernie Dieball -
ernie at dieballsailing dot com

Title: Re: DN Sails - New & Used
Post by: wayne matheson on April 16, 2011, 02:48:42 PM
 I am very interested in purchacing one of your sails but I do not know what a speed sail is.  Could you please explain the difference between a jd speed sail and a jd bb01 for me and the rest of the ignorant masses.also could you reccomend the type of  mast which these sails have been designed for (deflection @100lbs)
 please and thanks. wayne matheson

Title: Re: DN Sails - New & Used
Post by: DBS on April 21, 2011, 03:54:34 AM
Let me try to explain....Sorry for the delay in getting back.  We've been playing around on the soft water since the ice is gone!

The major difference in the two sails is with the over all camber, or depth in the sails.  DN sails, for the most part, are inherently flat, but for a speed sail (which is used on very smooth ice and/or uprange in the wind velocity) the sails flattens out more than a power sail as the mast/plank start to load.  A nice power sail should flatten out too, but not as much as a speed sail.  Technically speaking, it is about a 1.5% reduction in the lower camber and 2% reduction in the upper camber.  Not a lot, but enough to make a significant difference as we study lift and drag. 

This winter, I used both BB & JD sails on Ron Sherry's Rocket, Cracker and I now exclusively use Ron's new QIL.  I've had "better than I deserve" results with the QIL and our sails.  The Dieball Sailing sails marry well to his mast, but we have customers that have used our sails on the Kent, Williams and Why (sp?) with great success as well.  A nicely dialed in set up will require only a small amount of rig tune through the various conditions. 

Hope this helps.

Skip Dieball
Toledo, Ohio USA