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Title: Central Region Ice Conditions
Post by: rpotcova on March 24, 2011, 12:53:37 PM
The 2011 Central Regional will continue to be postponed until next Nov./Dec.  We're done for this season.  Thanks again for all the hard work many of you put in to try and make this happen.

Mother nature has showed me who was boss.  This seems to follow a pattern with my other relationship with the opposite gender.  Just Kiddin Nikki....

There is still sailable ice in the northern Central Region. I received 2 calls today.

Call the hotline at 248 988 0851 for all the info.   See you on the ice in December.


Title: Re: Central Region Ice Conditions
Post by: DN5358 on March 24, 2011, 04:38:20 PM
That is a crying shame because there is REGATTA QUALITY ice all over up here!
I was on Burt, Mullett, Douglas and Paradise/Carp Lake today.  I rode out on Burt and Carp.  I will post video and photos when I get home today. 
Carp was snow free black ice with a similar amount of needling as Elk did last week.  I saw only one drain hole in the only patch of snow that I could find and it was frozen solid.  There is texture to the ice but not anything like Elk was.  Launch site with outhouse and a bar across the street with good eats (Clyde's on M31). 
Burt is huge, I went on at the state park (which has barricades across the road to the launch, but I am sure we could get access from the DNR.  More types of ice and plates that you would expect from a large lake.  When I was coming down the lake from the north you could see a huge heave somewhere in the middle of the lake, but I could not see it from the shore at either end.  Again, burt is huge.
I would be willing to sail tomorrow afternoon to sail either of these two lakes if someone would join me.  I left home Wed. morning in the rain heading to Leland  (who had 15") so did not bring the boat/trailer.  Found out they did not get hit here, so headed over to check.Heading home (Charlotte) to get the boat tonight.

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Title: Re: Central Region Ice Conditions
Post by: DN5358 on March 24, 2011, 04:46:10 PM
Here is a shot of Paradise/Carp Lake.  Do you think you could race on it?