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Title: Runner Bars / Stiffeners available for" Kent" style chocks
Post by: Kentski on March 17, 2007, 06:35:09 PM
   Carbon Bars  8)   Hold your alignment.............
  Made from M40J type carbon fiber prepreg cured in autoclave      M40j fiber is 54.3 msi carbon instead of standard 33 msi carbon     1.5 times stiffer!        The ultimate material and process for the best method to hold runners in chocks true..    Modify your own chocks to the new system just may cutting your exisitng chocks away, or buy new chocks machined to accept the new design from the chock suppliers.  Then just add the bars to complete the changeover

 Proven design has been tested /raced for over 5 years without issue to bars and design

Bars come either ready to bolt on, with clearcoat and drilled and countersunk or drill and finish yourself

Finished $250.00 /pair   or $200.00 Pair roughed out
In stock       ready for shipping UPS  add $12.00

For further info contact;

Jeff Kent    DN   US 3535 at   jeffkent@csi-composites.com    or at Composite Solutions   781.335.4650