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Title: *Brush up on your rules!*
Post by: KB [us5219] on December 10, 2014, 09:45:37 AM
If you plan on doing ANY RACING, whether its scrub racing with a few buddies or World Cup.  You must review the rules.  I am always surprised that each time I pick up the NIA rulebook, I come away with a detail that is clarified that I did not quite understand before.  Despite this, the NIA rules are VERY SIMPLE but have some very important differences from soft-water sailing.

I recommend reading the NIA rules  ( http://www.iceboat.org/NIA-May-2004.pdf ) to all sailors.  Its only 31 pages.  BUT HERE IS THE BETTER NEWS:  All you need to commit to memory are the terms on page 4, and the 9 Right of Way Rules on Page 10.  Again, you should read all of this document, but for those with limited time-it is imperative that you commit the terms on page 4 and the ROW rules on page 10 before you line up on the starting line!

While reading through the rules, refer to the chart ( http://www.iceboat.org/elements/NEIYA_rules_no_club.jpg) to help clarify the situations in your head.

IF you have any questions, PLEASE ask.  I would rather be asked before you are on the ice than after there is a problem.


Title: Re: *Brush up on your rules!*
Post by: KB [us5219] on December 11, 2014, 08:54:50 AM
Just wanted to give an example of something NOT on the illustration that I was unclear on my first few seasons (gulp!)
Take a look at #2  "Off The Wind"
Both boats in the drawing are on PORT TACK.

Now imagine you just rounded the weather mark and are accelerating downwind on Starboard tack.  There is a boat coming at you upwind on Port!
Who has right of way???

Title: Re: *Brush up on your rules!*
Post by: KB [us5219] on December 11, 2014, 01:45:22 PM
The answer to the above question was "off-the-wind boat must stay clear of on-the-wind boat".

Here is something really cool.  I recommend taking this test many times until you see the questions repeat themselves.
Go to:  http://idniyra.eu/  and click on the IDNIYRA Safety Check link (or RULES LEARN) links to test yourself.


Title: Re: *Brush up on your rules!*
Post by: KB [us5219] on December 12, 2014, 09:51:51 AM
Rules in "Cliffs Notes" form. 
Now you can cheat and just read 3 pages - but you better know those 3 pages well!