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Title: Mark Isabell modification to the proposal
Post by: Ken Smith on May 15, 2007, 09:42:36 PM
For what it’s worth, I think this is a great idea.  If the DN Class does not want to open their check book for such a cause then maybe it would be a good idea to simply ask for donations for this GREAT cause! Donations can be marketed to ice boaters in general and would not be limited to the DN fleet.


 The idea is simple:


Sponsor an Ice-Opti for $500 and your name will be painted on the sideboards and the boat will be sent to the ice boat club of your choice!


If you don’t have $500 then make a contribution at one of the following levels:


“MAST” Sponsor $300.

“Sail” Sponsor $200.

“Plank” Sponsor $100.

“Runner” Sponsor $50.


Dan will then manage funds as he sees fit with the mission of building as many new boats as possible.


Seems to me we should be able to raise substantial funds if it is presented to the ice boating community in the exact format Dan proposed here. Maybe we would even exceed the goal of $10,000.


Count me in for a boat!



Mark Isabell

DN Western Region Commodore