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Title: Winnebago Ice 01/01/15
Post by: rlc on January 01, 2015, 06:19:58 PM
I sailed the large bay north of Oshkosh on Lake Winnebago today.  It has wonderful glare ice, 8.5 out of ten.  The usual heave is out farther than it usually is so there is enough room for a regatta.  The course might be up against the shore depending on wind direction, but that is not a likely scenario. The ice is about a foot thick.  There are no fishermen or fish shanteys.  It was blowing today and I had a wonderful time.  A couple of guys sailed a big skeeter and a Nite well after dark.  I have not heard anything good about the rest of the lake as there is still open water in some places.


Title: Re: Winnebago Ice 01/01/15
Post by: rlc on January 02, 2015, 12:42:11 PM
I drove to the Wayside (Kinker Road - Cnty N) north of Fond du Lac this morning.  We have had the Westerns there before.  I looks just wonderful, no shoves in sight looking to the southeast and you can see for miles.  The shoreline shove is formidable and I will wait out the impending weather event to sail the area.

The ice in the Oshkosh area is terrible, with shoves every 1/4 mile or less.  North Asylum Bay a few miles north of town is just fine.