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Title: Wanted - Old Wood Mast
Post by: keukaflyer on October 29, 2017, 03:14:18 PM
I am looking for a vintage wood mast for the Finger Lakes Boating Museum - www.flbm.org.  This is for an iceboat display in the museum.  We have a hull and everything else.  The ceiling in the museum is about 12' so we want to cut the top off to make it fit.  We don't have a mast worthy of cutting.  Could even be a broken mast that is no longer sailable.

Ideally someone would be willing to donate an old one from their garage for this worthy cause, or we could discuss a nominal fee. 

We are not in any rush so maybe we could work out delivery sometime later this winter at a regatta depending on location.

Email me at Dux4us@hotmail.com