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Title: Asymmetric runner grind profile
Post by: Maxim R161 on March 03, 2019, 07:33:03 PM
Hello everyone.
Through my entire first DN racing season I was suffering with poor side runners grip.
Major cause of it is mediocre edge maintaining. I have a lot to learn in this department.
However, aside from that, I am long curious of why exactly asymmetric grind profiles (chisel profile in extreme) do not work (or everyone would probably use em).

My possible pros and cons suggestions are as follows:
+ we want side runners to hold in one direction each so why use symmetric profile on side runners at all?
+ chisel grind seems to be waaaay easier to execute and maintain
+ asymmetric grind could probably have broader angle than symmetrical without compromising grip and thus have less friction

- this is unconventional and scary and everyone is fine with symmetrical so just go practice sharpening))
- chisel runners could simply go apart from each other due to unbalanced ice pressure (my major concern)
- chisel shape could behave poorly as (if) negative camber develops with plank bend under load. probably not so much of a problem with less radical asymmetric shapes

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Title: Re: Asymmetric runner grind profile
Post by: rlc on March 14, 2019, 12:15:32 PM
I can tell you that this has been tried, although not recently to the best of my knowledge. I have seen older plate runners that were ground asymmetrically.  I have no idea whether or not they worked or were fast, etc. etc.  Perhaps somebody with more experience would know more about what happened.