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Title: Is Your Number Legendary?
Post by: Daniel Hearn on December 17, 2009, 04:56:56 PM
Ice Optimist sail numbers are being officially assigned by the North American Ice Opti Racing Association.  Starting with the 2009-10 sailing season, Juniors will be required to have a registered sail number to race in NAIORA sanctioned events.  So, if you’d like to “lock up” that special number for your up and coming Junior, now’s the time to move fast.  Many numbers from #1 to #35 have already been claimed.  If you want to specify a number, the cost is $25.  If you’re fine with the next number in the numerical sequence, you can save yourself five bucks and the cost is $20.  To reserve your number, e-mail me at danielhearn@tds.net or call 608-692-4007.  Checks to the NAIORA can be mailed to 919 Spaight St., Madison, WI  53703.

As long as you’re sending me money, how about a couple raffle tickets?  DN’r Ken Smith, has donated the brand new Jeff Kent mast ($2,000 value) he won at last year’s Worlds/Gold Cup to the NAIORA to be raffled off, with ALL PROCEEDS going to support Junior ice sailing development.  Wow, that’s generous; buy Ken a beer the next time you see him! The raffle is underway and tickets are $10 a piece.  What a great way to support Junior ice sailing! The winning ticket will be drawn at this year’s DN North Americans, which are scheduled for the first week of March.  By the way, if you are the winner, AND I’M FEELING REALLY GOOD ABOUT YOUR CHANCES, you can either keep the mast, or accept $1,000 cash and the NAIORA will re-sell the mast with any additional profit going back into the treasury. 

So, how many lucky numbers do you want?

Title: Re: Is Your Number Legendary?
Post by: Daniel Hearn on December 18, 2009, 10:47:04 AM
Don't have to be present to win!