Shock absorbers for shrouds

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DN 5449:
I was reading an old Ice Sailing book (by Jack Anderson, I think that was his name,book was called Ice Sailing).In the book they mentioned about hooking up the shrouds with a shock absorber that takes up some slack in the leeward shroud so when tacking it does not snap over so hard.Has anybody experimented with this on there DN.

DN 805:
My interpretation is that a shock absorber does not comply with the DN specification H.6 "Devices which adjust stay lengths while the yacht is underway are prohibited."

Jane Pegel
Chair, Technical Committee

DN 5449:
A bunge type connection,(like what we use on a hobie 16 to take up the slack in the forstay) does not change the length of the shroud it would simple take up the slack when it is on the leeward side.Just seems to me when I tack over that leeward shroud snaps over pretty hard putting a lot of stress on it.

DN 805:
My opinion has not changed.  In my dictionary the definition of length is: "...a measured distance".    Any device that is controling the measured distance is not complying with the DN specification. 

The strength of the fittings and wire required in the DN specs far surpass the loads applied.   If your concern were a problem, don't you think that champions who have been racing DNs for 40 years would have brought it to the attention of the Class long ago?   Don't worry about it.   Don't try to reinvent the wheel.   Just enjoy learning how to properly sail the boat.    The biggest gains to made come via improving the "nut on the tiller".

I'm curious, I have seen old school boats use a bungy strap to take up the slack in the flopping leeward shroud. Maybe this is what DN5449 is talking about.  How does this change the length of the shroud?


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