Rear Deck Block Size

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Fairly new to the sport. Have an older DN just put a rear block adjuster on the deck. Was wondering what the difference is between running small blocks opposed to larger ones?

Bob Rast DN1313:
Not  much difference,some sailors like small blocks to get boom lower on the deck.
some like larger blocks better mechanical advantage, more head room when tacking
And some sailors use a riser with either small or large blocks
Bob rast
DN 1313

Thanks for the feedback bob just got a new boom from ron and still figuring out the block placement. I think i will switch to the larger blocks i could use more head room.

Bob Rast DN1313:
I use a 2" riser and like the clearance,when on port you can sheet out a little and look under the boom instead of a small window in the sail also keeps you goggles on when you tack .
I started with a track on a 1 Inch square tube (steering tube and eventually added another piece under  to get 2"

Thanks for the advise going to start off without it and see how i do. Always have the summer to work on the riser and i like the pics you posted.


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