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Many fleets now have facebook pages. It's time to add a new section to the Links on the DNamerica.org site. Post up the name and links to your fleet / region / country pages so that Paul can link to them.

Lake Lansing Iceboat Sailors - Haslett, Michigan

Scott Brown:
Counter opinion.  We're better off without a facebook page.  We have a big enough problem with redundant communication.   


:shrug: every fleet is different - and it's not redundant for this fleet for the following reason...there are only two of us who race out of the dozen DNs that regularly sail the lake...plus the Nite, several Y flyers and handful of blo-karts. The same two of us are IDNIYRA members, and none of the others are registered or post here. They mostly live on the lake and they sailed for weeks in December and we didn't hear boo about it here.

Fity Five---0:
I think facebook pages / groups are a good idea.  The more places we can promote and let folks what is going on with our sport the better.  The Minnesota group face book page is. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/groups/51859333558/

With the ever changing  modern technology and many more ways of communicating the better. 
At the Western Challenge Regatta last weekend, it was promoted through many different venues including facebook.  I personaly was posting pictures on facebook live at the event. I had folks commenting on them from as far away as Germany asking how the event was going.  Also on facebook you can create an event and invite all the members of the group with a click of the button. 
I did that for the western Challenge.  We had 80 boats from all around the world show up for the event.   
I also directed them to our MN website for official information. iceboating.net 
On our local site it is hard to send instant pictures and updates from the ice. It is an awesome site don't get me wrong there.  But the more places that we have the opportunity to promote our sport and potentialy expose others to what we do and where and when we are going iceboating the better and facebook is one of those places that we can do that. 

Mr. Brown facebook may not be your cup of tea, but for others it is.  we wouldn't want to have our sport and events be a secret would we?

It sounds like for Mr. Sieglege it is another very benificial way of comunicating that can be passed on to there local website etc... which may be yet another way to bring everyone out to the ice.

DN 5050

Fity Five---0:
Here is the link to the Toledo guys facebook page.  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Toledo-Ice-Yacht-Club/209817526720?sk=wall#!/pages/Toledo-Ice-Yacht-Club/209817526720

Also on facebook you can communicate other things about iceboating that isn't as much fun on the websites. check out all the cool pic.'s on the pages, and all the comunication there too.

Here is the Minnesota Iceboaters facebook again. the 1st one didn't come right. http://www.facebook.com/groups/51859333558/


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