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Fity Five---0:
The Four Lakes -- Madison guys have a facebook group too.


KB [us5219]:
TIYC has used its website for years for communication.  We went to the facebook to encourage photo sharing and open communication between members and friends of the club.  We have a handful of Facebook page administrators to monitor the content, and so far there has been little or no abuse compared to other forums that we have used that quickly were spammed.

One huge advantage is that anyone with a smart mobile phone, or in my case a phone capable of sending photos or text, can post ice reports live from the site. 

Now we have a webpage that is almost never used.  It is so much easier to allow all members to contribute on facebook than funnel it through a single (unpaid) website administrator. 
We still have our page and are soon going to re-vamp it to have features that are not found on facebook but encourages use of the facebook page.

Facebook is a great place to advertise to new people.  Potentially a quicker, easier tool for up-to-the-minute ice reporting since everybody has it on their smartphone.  People could "subscribe" to the clubs or areas they are interested in and others if they so choose.  It wouldn't replace the discussion boards but it is a place where new people could find information easy and at least a link to the dn america website.

I know I post iceboating pictures on my own page and get a ton of responses from people who have never seen an iceboat.

Fity Five---0:
I don't know if it's from here or just that it is Iceboating season.  But we have had a lot of new member requests for our Minnesota Iceboaters facebook page in the last couple of days from all over the world, along with a lot more activity. 

There must some value to the facebook pages from what I can tell. 

DN 5050

I just joined all of them listed - I didn't know they even existed!  If we can't have ice at least I can check in on others that have ice!


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