Legal DNs and what you see and do


Icy Sailor:
We have a set of rules for the boats, and work and debate to keep the rules intact.  The core philosophy is that the boats should be capable of being home built, using readily available materials.  We hold the skipper responsible for  his boat being in compliance.  Some thing are measured on teh top finishers at the Nationals and Worlds events.

Over the years the boats have evolved and are more sailable and durable than ever before.  This forum is set up to invite discussions about the boats that are at or beyond the edge of what the rules allow, and what we should or should not do to keep the boats somewhat in control.

Innovation is often tried on a boat, changes are made to deal with personal comfort or strength, materials are used which were prohibited, or parts are fabricated (including hulls) which ended up too big or small or just wrong.

As this season emphasizes, there are too few sailing days!  So do you deal with the observed items or not?  Should the rules allow more latitude, or less latitude or more materials?  How tight and extensive should tech inspections be?

What would you do if you noticed someone showing up on one of the few sailing days with a boat with:

A.  Side chocks that were way too high, long, or short?

B.  Chocks made of titanium?

C.  Chocks made of carbon fiber?

D.  Plate runners that are 36 inch long?

E.  A boat with a rear deck shaped in compond curves that you suspect must be of molded fiberglass?

F.  A hull with carbon fiber laid on the deck at the corners of the cockpit?

G.  A hull with a molded seat shape to make laying in the boat comfortable?

H.  A hull with three blocks on the rear deck, being sailed by a Grand Master (sailor over 70)?

I.  A hull made of pure fiberglass?

J.  A fat, 6 inch wide wing mast?


DN 805:
DN specifications are broad enough to allow old, young, strong, weak, short, tall, skinny, and fat sailors to enjoy the racing the boat.

A perfect example of the size and strength range of those racing DNs was in the Silver Fleet at the 2007 DN Western Regionals in a variety of conditions.  Terry Erwin,  placed second and Julie Richards placed 9th.  Here are two sailors whose body weight differs by approximatley 100 lbs and height differs by approximatley 12 inches.  They both posted top race finishes no matter what the wind velocity.

Clearly a supposed DN with any of the features listed by 'Newbie" is not a DN.   The owner should be encouraged to comply with the specifications so he can enjoy the competition in the most popular iceboat class on the planet.

...Jane Pegel, DN 805

DN 805:
Oops!   It was 'Icy Sailor' who initiated this discussion, not 'Newbie".


T Thieler US 5224:
Titanium Chocks?!?  Where can I get a pair? 

Just kidding. 

Cheers, T

DN 805:
Because Titanium chocks do not comply with the specifications, there actually are some titanium chocks that are for sale.  But should not be mounted on a DN that is intending to race.

DN 805


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