2012 pre-registration list for NA is online.

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Jim McDonagh [us5214]:
Here's a link to the new site that has the pre-registered sailors for the North American regatta.


We've got 50.  37 off the web, 13 mailed in..

The late-fee is waved for the Europeans, so they don't usually pre-register.

If you are probably going to be competing in the regatta, you can still register on the site, and just select COD, or Check.  The amount will be $120.00 and you can pay it just like when you show up at registration, and we can delete the order if you do not show up at registration.  This way we will be able to plan that you maybe participating.    I'll close down the online registration a few days before the regatta.

Europeans can register too, right now, we will just go in and update the price after you put in the order, just select COD, or CHECK.

thanks to everybody that pre-registered!

Geoff Sobering:
Thanks Jim!

Jim McDonagh [us5214]:
I should make sure to mention.. NO REFUNDS!

You can sign up now, and then pay the Registration Fee at registration.

The organizers will take into account the fact that you have not paid and are just a registered member.

You can still pre-pay the $120.00, there is just not that much of an incentive, because there are no refunds.


Can the governing committee or the race committee please explain why we need the $60 late fee?   Please no spin because I have done a few of these regattas over the years and no excuse makes sense.  Again, the numbers are way down and we still want to hit up the membership for 2x the registration.  Thanks for dropping it back down from last years unknown increase.

Just make late registrants exempt from the free shirts or whatever is given away. Lets boost registration instead !

Geoff Sobering:
Quote from: rpotcova on January 18, 2012, 11:01:48 PM

Can the governing committee or the race committee please explain why we need the $60 late fee?

Unfortunately it's in the By-Laws...  :(

The regatta is open to any member of the Association who has paid all current dues and who has mailed an entry form with entry fee prior to January 1. Late registration at two times the normal fee will be accepted up to one day before the regatta. ...

I agree a change that would allow the regatta-organizer to plan expenses (ex. give-aways) and give late-registrants the best opportunity to participate would be desirable.


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