2012 pre-registration list for NA is online.

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Jim McDonagh [us5214]:
I think the late fee is in place to have an incentive to pre-register.  Otherwise why would anybody pre-register?  Preregistration allows the organization to have funds available to manage the regatta.

We know there are funds available for all the initial expenses.  Funds are not needed in advance.  I covered the NA's a few years back with Central funds until we got entries.  I openly violated the bylaws by allowing late registrants and picked up about 11 sailors that would have otherwise not have entered. (And we did registration with 2 people)  One person was upset with me that I did not adhere to the by-laws.  Really?  I know I'll hear the arguement that its such a small portion of the total cost to sail but its an unnecessary money grab.  Just cut these late registrants out of the give aways.

BTW.  I have received 9 emails or texts in support of my comments.  I'm know there are many others that agree and didn't comment.  I urge the membership to support me in a   by-law change.

Forgot one important point.   Can the regatta organizers ask for funds in advance from the governing committee?  Trophies and shirts would be about $1200.  We know that the entry now hovers around 90 sailors for NA's and add 30 for the Worlds.  This is helpful for those without regional funds available.  We do have the money...right?

DN 805:
It is not as grim as it appears.  The by laws provide for fee breaks for newbies and also when the site is moved. 

90 boats - not impressive.

Am I the only one who recalls 183 boats at the Worlds and NAs in 1993?     We're doing something wrong, and I don't think it's the fee structure.

...sneaky scribe

Jim McDonagh [us5214]:
It would be easy to change the fee structure.  I'm always for making the by-laws easier to follow and implement.

Just remove most of  https://ice.idniyra.org/Yearbook/IDNIYRA_ByLaws#Regattas.B.4.a
Someone can make a motion to change it to this:
    The regatta is open to any member of the Association who has paid all current dues.

and for everyone's consideration.. the numbers from the last few years..

The numbers go up and down a lot.  sneaky scribe reports 183 competitors in 1993, but only 64 by 1996 (moved from Detroit to Burlington, every year has it's own unique situations)

Number of Participants in Continental Regattas in NA Since 1996

and there is a graph attached..

Year    NA      Worlds
----    --      ------
2011    --      118
2010    68     
2009    99      118
2008    100     
2007    110     125
2006    85     
2005    76      121
2004    108     
2003    114     127
2002    90     
2001    96      122
2000    47     
1999    122     142
1998    84     
1997    118     99
1996    64     


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