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Ken Smith:
Jim McDonogh started a nice and very informative series on getting started in a DN.  Others have since edited the series and added comments.  There is information there great for every level of sailor.  Especially a great guide to setting up and tuning your boat.


Or go to
and click on the ABOUT THE DN tab, and then the link on the top right, NEW TO ICEBOATING.

Great job Jim and other anonymous editors!

Ken Smith:
25+ years and still learning. 

Ron has a nice tuning guide as well, slightly different but very similar to the one Jim posted:

The composite concepts website.


DN 5449:
Forestay. The forestay adjustment changes the rake of the mast. It (along with halyard position) also affects the distance between the back of the boom and the deck. For starters, raise the sail and then adjust the forestay so the boom hangs approximately 14 above the deck, and the blocks are about 12 inches apart.

This confuses me (like a lot of things).even with the blocks recessed into the Boom ,they would have to be pretty small to have the distance between your blocks only 2" shorter then distance between Boom and deck.
The distance between blocks is that fromm bottom to top?

Scott Brown:
The "distance" mentioned is measured from the rear deck of the hull straight up to the back end of the boom.  Just hold your boom in your hand with minimal pressure so it isn't flopping around. 

DN 5449:
Yes I understand that point ,but the distance between the blocks is the issue that confuses me . ???


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