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Maybe storm sail is not the correct idea..what you need is a youth training sail..and mast to match.  Ive sailed an ice optie in conditions no DN would sail managable but not too smart certainly not a training tool.  Jim Gluek( Melges) build me a storm sail a few years ago.  I sailed it in strong 20+knts and could go faster upwind than other DN but much slower down. Flat speed sail with 18" shortened foot. High agreeing with Jane in too high wind stay home even w/storm sail;however, in moderate to low wind my grandson Austin with no experience got comfortable rides. The DN is overpowered so how do you slow it down...put a smaller engine in it.  Mike Boston made kids sail for DN 1/2size all the way. Have not tried maybe Frankie Hearn has seen since he has it. Forget the storm, modify for youth interest/training.  Once they get interested and are passed by the big block guys theyll switch to the regular DN sail. I remember the day when we were allowed one sail for all conditions. Now thats a good idea. Pete US2360


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