What worked in the Worlds?


Ken Smith:
I talked to Kardas, P-13, and the Poles all used FO-1 in the sticky conditions, including winner Tomek.  Most used snow runners.  Snow runners are mostly carbon steel minimum thickness, ground with the nose faired as thin and as far back as the rules allowed.  Most are not bull-nose, but more gradual entry.  Some 440c and some soft stainless, short plates.  No or minimal stiffeners on front runner.

Ken Smith:
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KB [us5219]:
I discussed this in my blog:  http://www.iceblogger5219.blogspot.com/   on a few different posts.  All of us were scratching our heads trying to figure out how these tiny runners could be the top choice in only 1/4"-1/2" of snow - and even in a wide wind range.  I felt that this might have been a "once a decade" condition, but the same scenario repeated itself in Germany later that week during tune ups on Lake Zwischenahn.   ???  Ron has some very good hypothesis on the whys and hows of this unusual runner set up.  I believe he will have a posting soon on his website, but have patience - as we are all trying to get caught up on rest and work having just returned last night.


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