Aluminum mast and plate runner fleet at WC and NA's

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Bob Gray:
I had a lengthy conversation with Rich about having a aluminum/ plate division at the NA/gold Cup. I feel that these two events are international races and I'm not  trying to be a snob, but these races shouldn't be a event for start up racers. I believe that the regional regattas are a great place to try these fleets and to get new racers their start in big events.

Being just shy of grand master status I kind of like the idea of the five step start but can live without it. As far as equipment goes, I agree that it's almost easier to get an older glass mast then an aluminum one. Min inserts are great but unless have some snow on the ice, quater inch runners will work just fine. Most high level racers are using inserts with 17-18 inches of crown. A set of bullnose plates with a little work can be profiled to 15-16 inches and that ain't that much different and you can keep up with the fleet with them.


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