"Stupid Board Tricks" (or useful hints and tips...)


Geoff Sobering:
This forum software supports a mark-up format called BBcode that allows you to do add a variety of useful things in a post.  From simple bold and italic fonts and embedding links to more complex tasks like linking to an image or setting off a quotation.

The basic BBCodes available in this forum package are listed here.

Some of the simple examples are:
Simple formatting like italic [i]italic[/i] or bold [b]bold[/b]Creating a simple link http://idniyra.org/: [url]http://idniyra.org/[/url]Creating a named link IDNIYRA Site: [url=http://idniyra.org/]IDNIYRA Site[/url]
You can embed an image [img]http://sitename.com/images/image.jpg[/img]:

...and you can combine codes to create composite effects, in this case an image that's also a link:

A simple and very useful format is the [quote] tag:
   [quote=http://sitename.com/page.html]blah, blah, blah...[/quote]
   Quote from: http://idniyra.org.hosting.domaindirect.com/articles/start_obrien.htm

Starting an iceboat may seem like a relatively straight forward task. At first glance you may think you can run for a short distance, hop into your boat and go. If you do you will probably find yourself looking at everyone's stern. If you put some thought into the procedure you can make significant gains in a competitive fleet

I hope these examples help people to create more expressive posts here in the DN-America Forum.


Geoff S.

Geoff Sobering:
You can also directly attach a image to a posting by clicking on the control below the text-entry area.  That expands to show the attachments area:
You can attach more than one image by clicking the "(more attachments)" link.


Geoff S.


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