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So if you were buying your first composite mast which would you choose?

I weigh around 190 pounds and have a fair amount of sailing under my belt.  However I have just recently started to race and have found my old aluminum stick just won't cut it. 

As a board-sailor I understand the many advantages a bendy spar can offer.  I also understand that there's variation between spars in terms of their performance characteristics resulting in better masts for particular conditions (not to mention sailor preference). 

What I'm loking for is something is a "compromise-spar" that will provide reasonable all-round performance.  (Yes I know that's kinda a "Holly Grail").  Durability is a significant concern too - I don't want my spar to blow apart!

Any feedback on this complicated topic would be appreciated.  I like to compile as much information as possible before making a decision on an expensive purchase like this.  Don't hold back - tell me the way you see it!


Don Tyerman

DN 805:
Because your size places you within the  range of a large percentage of DN sailors, you will likely find that just about any composite mast will perform well for you, whether new or used.   Top notch sailors are using fiberglass masts that were built in the late 1990s.  Since that time the masts have evolved such that more carbon has been introduced into the laminate, which reduces the weight of the mast.   But mast weight on an iceboat is not as critical as on a sailboat, iceboats don't pitch and roll in waves.  The key is purchasing the best sails, learning how to tune the boat, getting your runners aligned and sharpened at the proper angle with the right crown in the cutting edge.   After you've done that, the rest is up to "the nut on the tiller".

Hope to see you at next season's regattas.   I guarantee, you're going to have alot of fun.

DN US805, racing DNs since 1956!

The best mast to own is what ever the top sailors in your area are using.  The closer you are in gear to the others, the easier it is to tune with them.
Where I live, (East coast)  I would say a Composit Solutions  (CSI) 4.1 would be a  great rig, paired with north sails detroit.
If I lived in the midwest, I would sail a  Composite Concepts (C2) Quil paired with north sails detroit.

Sail fast, take chances
US 5193

Bob Rast DN1313:
Depending on your weight , You will find that there is a range of Masts available 1 too soft ,2 too stiff or just right.
There is a good range of adjustment on the boat using mast step location,and forestay length to get mast to bend for current conditions.

Most sailors don't know the deflection of thier mast.

Mast deflections range from 1 1/2 " to 1 5/8 on the stiff side to 1 3/4 to 2" for softer side lighter skipper.
You would probably want something around 1 5/8 to 1 3/4"
I measure deflection using 100 lbs of weight side to side from mast base to 11ft

I currently have 2 new composite masts available  1 at 1/5/8 deflection 1 at 1/3/4 deflection
Both a carbon fiberglass construction with high performance layup schedule Blow molded  same as Sherry masts.

If interested They are available for $1200 each FOB WI

For more info go to

Good luck
Bob Rast

Good luck


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