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Richard Larsson:
Hi, i am training in Sweden right now and i realise that my goggles increase my side visibility a lot. The problem is to judge if its clear to tack and gybe.

Have someone tested a visor?

S 807


DN Sweden:
have thought about that too... something like this should work right, but have anyone tried it?

Richard Larsson:
On the russian baikalmovie Ron sail with sunglasses. That may solve the problem. I am going to try.

T Thieler US 5224:
I tried a helmet with a visor at the Western Challenge-  it provided great peripheral vision (I could see side to side and up and down very well) but it fogged up around my nose-

I'm going to drill some holes in it near my nose and see if that helps-

I also found that wearing my balaclava over my nose and mouth kept my breath from hitting the visor directly and kept the fog from forming as quickly-

Will be experimenting more over the next few weekends-

T    US 5224

Richard Larsson:
Mr T, great to have a developerfriend. I have a visor for industry that i gonna glue to the helmet. I have shaped it so it is pretty open in front of the nose. I think this is the correct way to solve the problem.


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