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icy sailor:
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Ayone want to share some deflection numbers.

Old numbers 1 3/8" to1 1/2" with 100 lbs between base and 11 ft. average for heavier sailor?

My personal masts Viagra MFG. for my weight aprox 1 3/4"
glass carbon

Icy Sailor:
Geoff Sobering was sailing the last few years with a mast stifer than he wanted.  He kept it raked excessively but still struggled with it bending in lighter air.  Taking advice from some super tinkerers, Geoff made some mods and was very much faster and looking very good in Minnesota.

Geoff, share with us what you had, did and how it worked.  THere are others with masts too stiff to bend well...  ;)


Bob Gray:
The stiff tip whip,which is Sherry's basic mast, bends about 1.72 inches with 100 lbs. between 11 ft centers. A few of the many ways to get a mast to bend more are: 1) loosen side stays. 2) Get a softer plank 3) Decrease the angle between the headstay and the mast. This can be done by increasing rake or moving the mast step forward without changing the length of headstay 4) increase the distance between the boom and deck. The easy way to do this is raise the sail. These changes should be done one thing at a time and in faily small incerements, then check them by sailing against your tuning patner.

Bob Gray:
In my above reply I mentioned decreasing the  headstay to mast angle in 3). I may have overstated a fact when I suggested moving the mast step forward without changing the length of the headstay. This could give you an excessive rake angle. The solution to this would be to shorten the headstay enough to aproximate the previous rake angle. This would still decrease the  headstay/mast angle.


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