Runner Weights???

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T Thieler US 5224:
Are there minimum weights for runners? 

If so, does the min weight vary according to runner type?   

In the specs in the yearbook I'm seeing max weight (17lbs) but no minimum..... 

In the interpretations there is a reference to "...a light set (6lbs) each..." but I don't see any specific minimums in the rules....

Anyone (Jane?  Paul? ) help me out here??

Many Thanks,   MR T

No min, only a max weight


DN 805:
T ---  You have noted an interpretation E. Runners dated 1977 reads: It is legal to change runners from a light set (6 lbs) each to a heavy set (17 lbs) each during a regatta and not be in conflict with the change of ballast.

Spec. A24 requires that any ballast must be permanently installed.  The  interpretation referred to above  makes it clear that runners are not considered ballast and may be changed even though they may be of different weights.     

Because the interpretation mentions a light runner weighing only 6 lbs, I think the Technical Committee must review this interpretation to determine whether it establishes a minimum weight for the runner.       I will contact the members of the Technical Committee promptly and get a reply to your question A.S.A.P.

....Jane Pegel, ch.  IDNIYRA Technical Committee

T Thieler US 5224:
Many Thanks- 

Personally I feel that if no minimum is specified in the rules (it would most likely be noted alongside the maximum weight) then there must not be one-

The mention of a six-pound runner in the interpretations appears to me to be more of a suggestion than a definition of a minimum weight.

I think most Angle and "T" runners come in much lighter than six pounds?   

My two cents....

DN 805:
The issue was presented to the Technical Committee on Sunday evening, February 16. 
The first response (from Europe)  has already come in.
I expect prompt  responses from the remainder of the Committee

Jane Pegel, ch
IDNIYRA Technical Committee


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