Runner Weights???

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Bob Rast DN1313:
I did a quick survey of some angle runners just fyi

lightest polish design,soft wood carbon side SS 36 X 4  4lbs 8 oz

maple butcher block carbon sides SS angle 5 X34  5lbs 15 Oz

oak with fiberglass and laminate sides steel angle  5 x34 5lbs 3 OZ

 I believe 30" X 4 inches
 would be legal dimension also and lighter
If there is a minimum established it would need to be around 4 or 5 lbs  to cover existing runners

Might need these this year yet

Geoff Sobering:
E. Runners
02/17/2014 Runners are not considered ballast and runners of different
weights may be used during a regatta, provided each runner
complies with the specifications and interpretations under E.
Runners.02/17/2014 The interpretation dated 1977, which reads: "It is legal to change
runners from a light set (6lbs) each to a heavy set (17 lbs) each
during a regatta and not be in conflict with the change of
ballast", is deleted.

T Thieler US 5224:
I take that to mean no min weight or balance point or anything?

Thanks to all on the tech committee for looking into this-  I think my work list just got a lot shorter!!

Cheers,   T
DN US 5224

DN 805:
Please read  and abide by the specifications and interpretations.

Jane Pegel, ch
IDNIYRA Technical Committee


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