Central Region Conditions


KB [us5219]:
Ohio was the "Hot Spot" for the Central Region this past week. 
There were close to 40 boats on the Maumee Bay and as many as 20 racing at a time.
Snow fell Saturday night and drifted to above plank height, but there was good wind Sunday until about 2:00-2:30 for some challenging races.
Looking forward to next weekend, it is NOT anticipated that Sandusky Bay or Maumee Bay will have good conditions with just one 39 degree day and no rain (but maybe more snow) in the forecast.
Keep your reports coming.  I have not heard anything from scouts in Alum Creek near Columbus.  We may have to start looking North Again for ice.
Think ICE!  We still have Central Champs to race!

KB [us5219]:
Enjoyed another great Weekend on Maumee Bay.  5 DN races were held Saturday until the wind was too light.
7 DN races held Sunday from 1:30-5:50 as the wind built gradually all day.
Sticky conditions were challenging but fun.
15-meter class iceboats were a highlight on Sunday as they did a few races and gave us some thrills.

 Results, pictures and videos are available  @  https://www.facebook.com/toledoice

For those of you not on facebook, check out the video @   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-EmR9AfyOw&feature=youtube_gdata_player

KB [us5219]:
And we have reports from Bob Gray in Traverse City area where the best prospects for a regatta exist in the Central Region this weekend.
Dick and I sailed West Bay at the Hilltop Rd site. The pictures I just sent you are what we got. There was less then 10 % coverage of the old drifts and most of them were an inch high with the highest I ran into about 2-3". There is some shale ice but you only drop down 1/4-1/2 " . You can see from the photos that it isn't glass ice but it wouldn't be a problem up 15 kts. of wind and maybe 20 mph. There were a number of areas with thin ice over an inch of water but when it gets cold tonite that should heal up. In under 10 mph wind today we got some decent speed and I even got some mast bend.
 The bottom line is that it would be doable for the Centrals. Conditions might improve later in the month but they also might get worst. There is a large parking lot at the site but there are also a lot of ice fishermen. Dick and I feel it would be no problem parking trailers on the ice but we shouldn't leave vehicles out there because that could damage the ice. He and I feel that if we don't have the Centrals this coming weekend, we will have the Fun Regatta. Its goings to be too windy to sail tomorrow but we plan to go out again on Thursday.. Any questions give him or me a call. Bob


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