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Whats the Difference between Boston's FO-1 and FO-2. Has the FO-1 design changed in the past 4 or 5 years?

DN 805:
It is my understanding that the difference between the FO-1 and the FO-2 is that the curve in the lower part of the luff is flatter on the FO-2.   The FO-1 has had the better race record, more versatile, particularly in the lower wind velocities.  The FO-2 has had some phenominal race results in 12 mph to 18 mph wind range. 

As for which sail to choose, it will depend upon the other sails you might have.  If you are intending to have only one sail, between the FO-1 and the FO-2, my choice would be to opt for the F0-1. 


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