2015 IDNIYRA Worlds and North American Championship

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Deb Whitehorse:
The 2015 Worlds and North American Championships will be hosted by the North American Eastern Region.
Registration will be on January 24 and racing will take place January 25-31, 2015.

Deb Whitehorse:
To clarify the location, the Eastern, Canada and Mountain States are the hosts-not just the Eastern Region.

KB [us5219]:
This is a friendly reminder that one week from today begins "late registration" for the 2015 Gold Cup and North American Championships.  Register now to save on late fees.
Go to www.ice.idniyra.org to register and pay with PayPal.  Or you may register by mail but remember the registration must be RECEIVED by Jan. 1st (not postmarked).

Anyone who has trouble getting signed into the website please remember the sign in name is as follows: <first ame.lastname> (all lower case with a period instead of a space between).  If you request a new password use your username and NOT your email address.  And if that doesnt work contact me @ kbidniyra@gmail.com and I will try and help.

-Kent Baker
IDNIYRA North American Commodore

KB [us5219]:
Be prepared for a rules quiz at registration. Review for the quiz by visiting: http://idniyra.eu/?page_id=421
 And then you can do a self-test at: http://idniyra.eu/?page_id=2169

Speaking of rules, we are looking for a few good sailors that are interested in helping out as Protest Committee. We certainly hope your expertise will not be needed, but as a volunteer-run organization we need to make sure we have these crucial positions filled to make sure our regattas run smoothly. Please contact me at: kbidniyra@gmail.com if interested.

Bookmark this site: https://ice.idniyra.org/hotline in your smart phone and/or computer browser for fast access to up-to-date information for the regatta. While the information will be mirrored on many other sites and phone hotlines, we will used this page as the first and primary notification. Official phone # will be announced soon.

If you have registered for the regatta online and your email information is up-to-date, you will get a copy of each of these hotline notifications sent to that email address. IF you did not receive that email, please log-in at www.ice.idniyra.org and change your email address.

Finally, PLEASE UPDATE YOUR INSURANCE DOCUMENT! IF you are unable to do so at ice.idniyra.org , feel free to email it to me at: kbidniyra@gmail.com (a high-res picture or scan will work, as long as its legible).

The official call is Kingston ON.  Hotel details will be posted by 10 pm this evening.
Go look for your passport


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