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Mike Miller:
As your new Western Region Rear Commodore, I question the need to maintain a telephone hot line for our region. With the DN Forum,, and Facebook groups, makes it hard to keep up to date info on all locations plus a voice message too. Seems everyone has a smart phone to keep up to date on where events are happening and posting ice reports. If they do not have a smart phone, I think they can just dial a friend or my number for the latest info.
For those in the Western Region give me your thoughts as a reply?
In Minnesota we will be making ice soon!
Only a month away from the Western Challenge, Dec 5-7 and 2014 Western Regions Dec 13-14.
Mike Miller
US 5369

Scott Brown:
Kill the phone.  And the telegraph, fax machine and smoke signals as well.   Go Mike!

DN 805:
I think the hotline is essential.     Once I'm on the road, my old fashion cell phone is the only way I can keep up-to-date on ice conditions and the possibility of an event being postponed or moved.   And I personally know dues paying members who have no internet access except through the public library.     

If Mike decides to substitute the hotline with his own phone, he'll be amazed at the number of calls that will come in, particularly in the  middle of the night.

A lower level of service to the members = fewer members.   I think it is important to use every means of communication that is available to make it as convenient as possible for those interested to get the information.

Deb Whitehorse:
Keep the phone because internet access is not always reliable when the fleet is on the move. It's a fail safe.

Scott Brown:
I respect the two opinions to keep the hotline, but the reality is the hotline is generally very out of date.  Last year I monitored communication for the NAs.  The hotline was 24-to 48 hours behind. 

For the very few that don't have a smart phone (my guess is it's less than 10), just call a friend who's plugged in instead of the hotline.  Problem solved.


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