Central Region Prospects


KB [us5219]:
Scouts have contacted me with good preliminary reports of Houghton and Missaukee.  Sunday's warm up removed all snow and is looking like "9" ice so far.
At this time these lakes HAVE NOT BEEN SAILED or re-sailed.  We expect to hear more from GTIYC scouts soon. 
A reminder that the GTIYC hotline is 231-922-3836  that number will have the reports and updates NOT the new Central Lakes Hotline number.

KB [us5219]:
Just heard there are several boats sailing on Houghton Today.  UPDATED - About a "7" might be a bit rough at higher speeds.
Attached is a photo from this morning.

Bob Gray:
It's a little rough but we were hitting speeds in the mid 40's and the ride was fine. We had a ball.

KB [us5219]:
Maumee Bay - was sailed today.  9 DN's, 1 Renegade, and 1 two-seater.
Too windy and cold to get aggressive, but we sailed around the bay quite a bit.  At least 50% snow cover, drifts to about 4 inches deep, but most an inch or less.  WE plan on lining up at noon sunday for races IF the wind has wound down (which it is forecasted for 14 MPH). Cannot promise sailable conditions but we are going for it!  check out the video at:  http://youtu.be/FphtOKM3VrA

Anchor Bay - at M59 is looking favorable and a group of DIYC sailors plan on scouting and sailing that site at 11AM Sunday.  Is a potential Ranking regatta site.

Whitmore Lake - is reported to look good with thick black ice and 4" of snow but no more details and not sailed yet. 

Chippewa Lake ( south of Medina, Ohio ) is reportedly going to be sailed by a few on Sunday.

I hope everybody takes lots of pictures and gives a detailed ice report.

If anyone is going to check out Whitmore please shoot me an email
Petejoh@umich.edu, might be looking to check it out tonight or tomorrow.



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