2015 Western Regionals - Jan 3-4, 2015 NOR

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Mike Miller:
Western Lakes Regional DN Championship Regatta
Jan 3-4, 2015
North American Western Region

Organizing Authority
 International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association
 North American Western Region

1. Rules:

All races will be governed by the Racing Rules of the National Iceboat Authority; the By-Laws of the IDNIYRA, and Official Specifications of the DN Ice Yacht; the Notice of Race, including any amendments to the Notice of Race, (except as any of these are altered by the sailing instructions) and the Sailing Instructions. The Sailing Instructions can be modified at the Skippers Meeting and by a notice posted on the official notice board.

Seven race regatta format – 3 race minimum in the Gold Fleet will constitute the regatta. Fleets - Gold & Silver Fleet, Plate Runner Division as part of the Silver Fleet, Rookie Division as part of the lowest fleet; Volunteer split for fleets.

2. Eligibility:

All DN class yachts meeting the requirements of the Official Specifications and whose skippers meet the requirements of the By-Laws of the IDNIYRA as stated in the section IDNIYRA Regattas are eligible to enter and race in the championship.

3. Site Information and Postings:

A. The primary site is within the North American Western Region
 B. Site and Headquarters Information will be determined by the regatta organizer.
 C. Official regatta information, updates and accommodations: DN America Forum & Western Region Hotline - 608-313-5156

4. Entry and Fee:

A. The official entry may be submitted and signed at registration or may be accomplished on line. See Ice.idniyra.org for registration.
 B. The entry fee is $35, payable on site of regatta.

5. Schedule of Events:
•Friday: 7-9 PM Registration at Regatta Hotel Headquarters
•Sat 8-9 on ice registration
•Sat 9:30 Skippers Meeting
•Sat 10:30 First DN start
•Sunday 10:00 First DN start

6. Sailing instructions

Official Sailing Instructions will be provided at registration.

7. Prizes

Trophies will be awarded to the top ten places in each fleet, top for Plate Runner Division, Top Junior, Top Rookie, Top Senior (50-59), Top Master (60 to 69) and Top Grand Master (70+)

8. Proof of Insurance

Proof of personal or race liability insurance ($300,000 minimum) will be needed at time of registration or submitted and verified online at https://ice.idniyra.org

Mike Miller:
Thanks to Kent for setting up this pre-registration link for the Westerns. Just click the link below, enter name and fleet designation(voluntary fleet split). At check out, it will show up as zero cost. You need to pay $35 at the event registration and show current insurance and you are good to go. This saves time as well as allowing the scorers to have the data base set up in advance. Each racer must be a current 2014-15 season member to use the link as well as race in the Westerns.
Keep me posted with ice conditions in your area. 612-868-2949.


Mike Miller
Western Region Vice Commodore

Mike Miller:
Only a week away from the Westerns! Keep me updated on ice conditions in your area at miller.m@mchsi.com.
Or 612-868-2949. Lake Minnetonka in Minneapolis area will be sailed today and hope the warm weather has healed it up. A permit to use the lake is being obtained so could be an option. Some snow is predicted for some of the Western Region, followed by a cold week. I expect a weekend update from Green Lake at Spicer this weekend. Pepin appears to be in a 3 inch snow band tonight!
How about Wisconsin again? Kegonsa, or will the cold arrive in time to obtain a new lake?
Mike Miller

Mike Miller:
The 2015 Westerns is called on for Jan 3-4, 2015.
Primary site is Lake Kegonsa near Madison Wi. Ice has been sailed the past few days and rates a 9.95.
Lodging deals and launch site will be posted by Dec 30, 9AM.

Back up ice options in case of snow include:
Puckaway, Poygan, Winnebago, Onalaska, and Petenwell.
Should anyone have first hand reports, please let me know at 612-868-2949 or miller.m@mchsi.com

Mike Miller

Mike Miller:
Primary site is Lake Kegonsa, near Madison Wi. Launch site is Springers Restaurant and Bar at 3097 Sunnyside St,  Stoughton, WI 53589. A large parking lot is adjacent with easy walk over a wooden ramp to the lake. An alternate launch ramp is located 1 mile away at Town of Pleasant Springs Boat Launch, 2267 Williams Point Drive, Stoughton, WI. $5 per day parking charge.  Arrangements are being made for possible towing trailers by ATV from the ramp to Springers ( more later). DO NOT DRIVE ON THE ICE WITH VEHICLE

Springers also has a great Friday evening fish fry on your own.
Plans are being made to host a dinner party Saturday evening. Watch for details.

Regatta Headquarters
Country Inn & Suites
 400 River Pl, Madison, WI 53716
 (608) 221-0055
 Ask for iceboater rate of $74 for standard room, King or 2 queens

 Americ Inn
Ask for iceboater rate of $79.90 for a Std room
101 W Broadway, Madison Wi 53716
(608) 222- 8601

Sleep Inn & Suites
Ask for iceboater rate of $74 for king or double queens
 4802 Tradewinds Pkwy Madison, WI 53718
 (608) 221-8100

Registration to be held at Country Inn, Regatta Headquarters Friday 7-8:30PM(note time change from NOR) or at Springers launch site with Deb Whitehorse(vehicle parked next to Springers, or indoors in the bar) 8-9AM Sat.
You may also register on line. If so, all that's needed is to show insurance and pay your $35: https://ice.idniyra.org/racing/registration/2015/Western_Region_DN_Championship

REMEMBER: Current  IDNIYRA Membership of $25 paid in full is required.  IF you are new and need to join, or need to pay up, you can do that on site or on the IDNIYRA site. https://ice.idniyra.org/

IMPORTANT:  To participate, you must show proof of Liability Insurance (minimum $300,000) this is usually in the form of homeowners insurance or renters insurance.  (Your automotive policy will NOT work for this purpose).
Please contact an experienced DN racer or a representative of the IDNIYRA to clarify if you have any questions.
There is also a method to update your insurance information on line at the home page of IDNIYRA


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