1/4 vs 3/16


What are the advantages of 3/16 runners vs. 1/4 inch. 

Geoff Sobering:
3/16" runners are:
  1) Lighter
  2) Have less friction in snow

Traditionally, 1/4" runners were stronger, but with the latest carbon-fiber wing reinforced runner bodies that is no longer a real issue (I use my 3/16" runners all the time and I'm in the "100 kilo club").

Sharpened to 100 degrees, 1/4" runners might have some advantage in very soft ice situations since they have more surface area to "float" on the soft surface.


Geoff S.

Bob Gray:
. Like Geoff said 3/16" do have the advantage in snow but on clear ice they are both equals and the extra weight for 1/4" runners in heavy air is a slight advantage. That being said, since 3/16" are the in runners sometimes you can get a better deal on 440C stainless 1/4" runners so take that into consideration.

Less likely to bend 1/4" runner. Definitely high wind runner if prone to spin out or slide. I like my big dogs.


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