Tim Woodhouse, DN champion


DN 805:
DN champion Tim Woodhouse has passed away

Now I remember my first iceboat ride.  There was a big iceboat event in Anchor Bay, MI.. I went out on the ice to see what it was all about. Tim let me take his DN for a short sail. He wasn't too happy about me hiking it up and dropping it back down on the ice several times. I wondered how it was possible not to have that happen. I guess I didn't hurt the boat too much as he won his first NAs at that event in 1970 as a 16-17 year old. Tim was a friend, sailing companion and competitor since 8th grade.  Contemplative today as I work out the fact that Tim now lives on as a memory instead of a contemporary.  I shall run extra hard a few times this coming season with his determination to win in my mind.


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