2016 - World Championship and European Championship


Niklas OE 221:
Dear friends,

comming season Austria is the organizing country of the World Championship and the European Championship.
Of course we hope that we will be the hosting country, too  ;)

I made some postings on our European Homepage and I just wanted to remind to have a look there.

Especially the following may be interesting:

WC/EC 2016 INSURANCE-ID WHAT TO KNOW   http://idniyra.eu/?p=2928
WC/EC 2016 IMPORTANT HINT ;-)                    http://idniyra.eu/?p=2932
WC/EC 2016 DATE                                         http://idniyra.eu/?p=2947

and we are asking for support with this one:  :-*

WC/EC 2016 Slideshow                                   http://idniyra.eu/?p=2937

Think Ice

OE 221


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