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Bob Gray:
. I have a jig similar to the one pictured with one exception. One side has the 1" spacer while the other side has a top and bottom spacer of  13/32" each for 3/16" blades and 3/8" for 1/4" blades. This set up nicely centers the steel and gives a uniform thickness all in one operation. I take a one inch wide piece of hardwood and surface plane it to the desired thickness to make the spacers. Anyone with a surface planer could do this for you in a matter of minutes.
   I have 6 sets of 440 runners and they all have carbon sides and my 4 sets of 304 stainless have Formica. I really can't see much difference in stiffness between the two. I believe that only the center 18-20 inches of the runner is really subjected to bending forces and  7"to 9"of that are contained by the chock.


I have generally 'finished' my runner bodies (added carbon fiber and let it cure in the press) and then cut the slot and fitted the blade afterwards.  In a couple of cases I have gone Bob's route and fitted and glued the blade into the bare body and then added the carbon fiber and pressed the runner, with shims to keep the blade aligned with the finished body faces.  Bob's approach is likely better, but I have generally found my usual route a little less like being a one-armed paper-hanger.

Bob Gray:
  I hate to beat a dead horse but one more thing. I have always made and cut the runners sides first then placed them in the jig like I would with Formica or Ron Sherry's carbon sides. Bob


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