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Daniel Hearn:
Interested to know how many of you have a super flat speed sail (North/Ullman MS-1 or the like) in your quiver?  Have you had much occasion to use it? Enough to justify the expense versus other places you could spend your ice sailing dollars? Have you experienced circumstances where most everyone else was overpowered with standard speed sails, but you were crazy fast and in control with your super flat? If you were a lightweight sailor (145 lbs.) would it change your perspective?   

Bob Rast DN1313:
I have a older 1 D speed sail seems to work best in heavy air clean ice
It is a little shorter at luff end cut a little smaller than a F01 with less draft

Prefer to only use in 15 to 20 mph clean ice
Easy to stall in lighter conditions
The sail is biggest drag so flatter and less area should give extra speed in certain
I like to keep it simple only 2 sails in my Quiver
Bob Rast

I have an MS-1 which I have used mostly for knocking about when it isn't quite windy enough for my storm sail.  The attached photo is of it in use on a windy day on Mush-a-mush (yes - that is the name of the lake ...).  It is a great heavy air cruising sail.

My racing experience is mixed.  I used it after I found myself overpowered with an ABSS in the first race of last year's New England championships, but I went slower around the course with the MS-1 than with the ABSS because of problems on the downwind legs.  It was more controllable than the ABSS in the heavy conditions, but with the flatter entry, on about half of my gybes I stalled the sail and it was difficult to reattach the flow.  With more experience I might do better on the gybes (maybe just sail hotter angles in and out of the gybes: I tend to sail too deep) and do better overall.  I know that Eric Anderson used an MS-1 too on that day and his results were much better (but they always are   :-)  ).

(Edit:  I have won races with it in club racing when I seemed to do a better job of keeping the flow attached after gybes - and truth be told, the competition wasn't as hot as at the New Englands)

I have owned a 1D f speed and a MS1.  They are essential tools when the wind is up.  They are hard to accelerate, but have higher top end upwind and downwind when the ice is clean and speeds are high.  The lighter you are the flatter the sails that you can use in a given wind speed.


KB [us5219]:
I have an MR-1 (even flatter than an MS-1).  I don't use it often, but when I do...  I am in a mindset where I know I need to sail agrresive angles for more acceleration.  I have found that it can be very fast-and not sure how much of that is the sail and how much of it is my greed for speed mindset with that sail.
I would love to buy an MS-1 (or trade my MR-1 with someone who is lighter than I.  But here is a problem--- we are allowed 2 sails in a ranked regatta.  Use your MR-1 on the first day, and now you have to choose from only one of your other two(full or speed) for the rest of the regatta.


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