Green Lake Ice Yacht Club - Weekend of Jan. 9-10


5+ inches of good ice on Green Lake's satellite lake, Puckaway, sailed since Saturday, Jan. 2 by various classes of iceboats up to skeeter size.
Raining currently, Thursday evening, and predicted thru Friday afternoon.
Wind predictions for Saturday are looking good. Will check the ice Friday PM to see what the rain does and update Friday evening.
Hopeful for club racing, which according to our by-laws can begin at noon. We set up on the North West shore at Good Old Days.
A club dinner is planned for Saturday evening there. Come join us for cruising, racing, dinner!

Holding pattern while we wait till Saturday to see how Puckaway fared from the rain.
An inch of water on surface this evening as rain subsided.. Still 4.5 to 5 inches of ice.
Hunting for drain holes in AM. Cold temps coming. Stay tuned!


Ice checkers there. I'm heading to ice with Optis. Mike's report so far.. a slushy surface.
Last evening 4:30PM surface was 60% puddles of 1 inch rain. This AM we got about 1/2" snow.
Watch GLIYC facebook, here on, for updates and photos.


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