Plank to hull attachment

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KB [us5219]:
I have seen a few boats out there "rubber banded" with innertube rubber straps...  And what US 805 says is very important: to back of the plank bolts to make sure you allow a slight bit of movement - especially on the side with the elongated hole.
I chose to go with the conventional modern Sarns set up, though there is a weld-failure history associated with them (I have had two fail in 10 years of use)  one took me out of a central region regatta.  I believe, but am not certain that they addressed the issue by using thicker plates, but US 216 and I have taken failed ones, or ones assumed to be about to fail, removed the stud from the plate, then put a hex-bolt through the plate, and rounded off the hex head somewhat to allow it to pull away easier in case of an impact.  We grind a slight hollow in the plank to accommodate the head of the bolt.  when being re-assembled, the bolt head is lightly greased, and then bedded in thickened epoxy, which keeps the bolt from turning, but the grease insures the epoxy doesn't bond enough that it affects the smaller screws hold and should allow the plate to pull out if necessary.


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