Should There be a Canadian Region?

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Kent Baker hinted at this discussion in the last Runner Tracks.  So here goes ....

As Canadian Rear Commodore I struggle with the IDNIYRA North American regional structure, and especially Canadian Region.  As individual Canadian sailors we have greater affinity with our nearby American region(s) than we do with other Canadians, simply due to geography.  Organizing a regional event is difficult, since extra travel time must be allowed to enable distant sailors to attend.  Would we not be better off incorporating  NS, NB and PEI into Eastern Region, Eastern ON and QC into Mountain lakes or Central Regions, and Western ON, and MB into Western Region?

Such re-alignment would not preclude holding a Canadian Championship.  Is suspect our current event is only a regional championship by accident.

Realignment would eliminate a 'Canadian' identity, but we are the North American component of IDNIYRA, so it isn't obvious how there would be much loss.  Of course, other regional Rear Commodores might have thoughts why it should, or should not be so.

The floor is open.  I would also look for opportunities for discussion over a jar at the North Americans.  At this stage this is just discussion: implementing such change, if desired, would require by-law revision, with all the associated process and support from the membership at large.

Warren Nethercote
Canadian Rear Commodore

Mike Miller:
The Western Region would welcome Mke Madge and any others from the Thunder Bay Area.

KB [us5219]:
A simple shift here:

Western Region Gains Thunder Bay Area and gives up Indiana to the Central Region.
Mountain Lakes Region gains Hamilton, Kingston, Montreal. 
Eastern Lakes Region gains Nova Scotia

Any thoughts?

Bob Gray:
Since the entire upper peninsula of Michigan  was given to the Western Region for some strange reason, and since a good deal of it is much more accessible to lower Michiigan, why not give the Central Region the U.P. east of Big Bay De Noc.

The whole idea makes sense as N-S travel distances are much shorter than E-W distances.  With respect to how this affects the final location of a regatta I'm not sure it makes a difference with the exception of when Canada (Thunder Bay to Halifax!) is the host region. Then, as stated it makes a difference. In the end it all comes down to having trust worthy ice checkers in all areas within a region (N to S and E to W). Few Rear Commodores have the time or resources to keep track of an entire region.  I have often wondered if there wasn't regatta quality ice on Lake Simco, north of Toronto, but no practical way to check it. Keep the discussion going. Oh, and Bob; I believe the regions were drawn before the Mackinaw bridge existed.


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