2016 North American Championship Discussion

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Ken Smith:
So are ice checkers motivated by goodies?  I think not. It's love of the game.

Deb Whitehorse:
Here's a quick video of this morning's ice check on Lake Monona.
Saturday, February 20, 2016
Monona Ice Check

Daniel Hearn:
Best ice and breeze Sunday will be early.  If anyone wants to join me to sail at sun up, shoot me an email.  I have portable marks.         danielhearn@tds.net

US 5352

Deb Whitehorse:
The 2016 North American Championship results were updated today. We'd like to thank Peter Truesdell US5350 for alerting us that the scores reflected an incorrect finish for him and for displaying a true Corinthian spirit during the entire week of the regatta.
Loretta & Deb

Where would those results be posted?


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