2016 Central Regional Regatta preliminary call


The 2016 Central Regionals is preliminarily called ON!!!
Don't put your gear away yet.
Currently we have several potential sites to choose from in northern Michigan. There is plenty of cold weather this week, warming a bit for the weekend.The weather is threatening to drop some snow in some areas in the next 24 hrs so we are currently evaluating the best potential site. Stay tuned for site selection and the final call on Wednesday evening.

Bill Cutting

KB [us5219]:
Bill Cutting is the "Energizer Bunny" of Regatta Chairmen.  Keeps on going and going and going...

Due to the recent snow event the 2016 Central regional regatta is OFF for this weekend. Northern Michigan still has ice on several lakes but they are unfortunately blanketed with snow. Unfortunately with next weeks forecast for 50-60+ temps we could be looking at a December 2016 regatta.
Think Ice!

Bill cutting


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