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Some people use track and other devices to adjust deck blocks fore and aft. Others just fix the blocks all the way aft. My question ,is it an advantage to have adjustment in the deck blocks ? Is it a way to tune the boat related to lee -weather helm ? I am rigging a boat and was wondering if the extra work and expense of installing a means of adjustment here was worthwhile. Any input would be appreciated.cheers Wayne Matheson

You can adjust the blocks on the deck or on the boom - or both.  I coarse adjust on the boom and fine adjust on deck.  The adjustment controls the degree to which you pull aft on the boom to help de-rotate the mast.

Thanks for the quick response warren. I am aware that you want to be able to adjust the blocks so that they either push or pull against the boom .what I don't understand is why you need two ways to do the same thing. My boom will adjust so that I can have the boom push or pull the boom as much as you would ever need and it has infinite adjustment so I can position it exactly where I want it . Why would I need adjustment on the deck blocks ,unless there is some other advantage of being able to adjust the deck blocks fore and aft  . does changing the position of the deck blocks effect the balance of the boat ie weather or lee helm

Bob Gray:
 On most boats it's a lot easier to adjust deck blocks then boom blocks. So like Warren said you put the base setting on your boom and use the deck block to make the quick and easy changes  you may have to do between races.

KB [us5219]:
Some (like the current NA champ) have fixed deck blocks that are located as far aft as practical.  Then adjustment is done in the boom.  I have a harken track which allows adjustment on the deck, but I really only use it as a quick-release for the sheet blocks when parking the boat in windy and shifty conditions.  My boom adjusts in 3/4" increments, others adjust infinitely with a screw mechanism.


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