Refinish hull?

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Mike Miller:
I am installing a new bottom skin(with Browner's help). When done I would like to refinish the sides and top including the cockpit. Hull has at least 2 coats of West epoxy and 2-3 coats of Spar Polyurethane.
Belt sander and detail sanding down to bare wood? Then refinish with ?

Geoff Sobering:
Personally, I wouldn't sand through the epoxy (unless there is some damage to it).

I'd carefully sand through the varnish and then sand the epoxy smooth for the new finish.


Geoff S.

Bob Rast DN1313:
You might want to just add pigment
To epoxy when coating
Add a little but use 2,or 3 thin coats just like a clear finish
I use a foam roller to get thin even coat then strike of bubbles with a foam brush
Us composites has various colors and you could mix for custom color

just paint it.
Nothing says classy like flat black rustolium with some swirly brush strokes!

Just rough up the varnish by sanding it smooth and add a layer of varnish.


Mike Miller:
Here is a tip from Scott Brown!
Worked like a charm on the new wood.
How to remove the Amine blush after painting with thin epoxy.

It feels like a waxy film.  It occurs when epoxy cures exposed to air, usually on large, open surfaces.  Take some warm water and a scotchbrite pad, and wet the freshly epoxies surface.  Then rub it with some force, as if you're sanding it.  Stop and rinse out the scotchbrite every so often.

It's key that you use ample water as the blush actually dissolves into the water, and the scotchbrite takes it away. 

When completed, dry off the boat and give it a good look.  You'll see where you may have missed a spot.

When it's dry, give it a light sanding to top off all the miniature peaks.  Good luck.


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