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New member here. I had a 3/4 scale, somewhat modified DN (the guy I bought it from added a springboard to the front) when I was younger (like more than 20 years ago younger). The mast is about 15 feet long, runner plank around 6 feet. I think it has around 35 to 40 square feet of sail. I attempted to build a larger hull using the same mast, runner plank, and hardware but never finished it. This season found me digging it out of its resting place on the top of the shelf out in the garage to look it over. The ice was so promising just a week ago that I was all ready to start re-building (then the warm weather, and tomorrow nearly an inch of rain). I watched a few YouTube videos and realized that what I was capable of was nowhere near what is needed, simply due to the tools required to do it right. Heck, one of the videos looked like the guy had about $1,000.00 invested in clamps of different types alone!

Anyway, I thought I'd try to see if there are any clubs within a reasonable distance of Omaha, Nebraska that a person could get some exposure to the sport. I'm sure a lot has changed since I was sailing the hard water of Storm Lake, Iowa back in the day!

If the snow stays away, the ice around here could have some real potential when we finally get some cold weather. No snow on the ice at all currently.

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