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I'v noticed that there is some "slop" in my steering. This is very noticeable downwind at high speed. I have checked the chock post as well as the tiller post. They appear to have no slop or wear. The steering rod and ends are new and appear tight.
Any suggestions as to how to make it less, or eliminate it?

Bob Gray:
Make sure your tiller fits tight on the square tube

Clamp the end of your tiller to a side board and wiggle the steering chock.  May help to have a runner in.   Look for looseness all along the load path.  Common spots are the obvious such rod end bearings and bolts on the steering rod, but less easy to see are the bushings in the steering posts, both the tiller and runner end.   One that is hard to see is the tiller fitting on the tiller post.  It is not unusual to find that the roll pin is loose in the post and it is very hard to see motion there.  If you don't find looseness anywhere else, that is probably the trouble.

Geoff Sobering:
I second John's guess of a loose roll-pin. Before I glued my tiller-head onto the shaft I probably replaced the pin once a year.

A good discussion from a few years ago:


Geoff S.

Thanks for the suggestions and the links!! This forum is excellent for suggestions and ideas. It pays to go back and reread sections


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