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Don't put your gear away yet!
GTIYC is attempting to pull off our Fun Regatta this weekend.
Stay tuned for more info.


Well someone is singing.  The winds yesterday and today took their toll on lakes.  Shoreline erosion to complete blow outs.  Skegemog for example was sailed Sunday and had white caps today between the remaining plates.  Not likely to heal by the weekend.  Waiting for reports from a few scouts tomorrow, but at this time the odds of us pulling off the regatta this year are getting slim.  We will make the call tomorrow evening.


Things are looking up!  We have one very good venue (Otsego Lake) but have scouts out checking a list of other potential sites.  More info to come tonight!!!

The Fun Regatta is on for Otsego Lake in Gaylord, MI.
Saturday and Sunday, (3/11-12), launching from the DNR boat ramp on the SW corner of the lake.
The Lake has NOT been sailed, but has been walked by two separator skippers.  8-10" of snow ice.  Spring Sailing.

More info on Lodging, schedule, etc. coming.

Cruising or Racing get to the ice!


Here are some places to look for lodging for the Fun Regatta

Der Minerís Parkside Reseort, closest to launch site,
6628 Old 27, S., Gaylord, MI
989.350.1373 , $125 for 4 per night, plus

Waters Inn, south of lake
10565 Old US Highway 27 S. Gaylord, MI
989.732.5636, $99/night

Others that I have not talked to are"

Benjamin Beaver Creek Resort, on west side of lake

Heart Lake Cottages, on Heart Lake south of launch site

Americaís Best Value Inn


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