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Fun Regatta Update!
For the first time in the history of the Fun Regatta we are moving locations.  Winter struck with a vengeance today and dumped snow and big air.  Too much for a DN to go through in tomorrows light air.  A few of the big boats are staying on Otsego, but the remainder of the fleet is heading to Houghton Lake.  A solid launch site with good ice was found on the NE corner.  Pub Fishing Site (a DNR Launch), on E. Houghton Lake Dr (County RD 100), 1-2 miles south and east of Roscommon Air Port.  8-10" of ice.  There are a few drain hole near the launch that are easy to ID (Very Brown).  The ice has not been sailed as it was very windy.  Clear, hard, pebbled ice with winds around 5-6.  We plan on having a skippers meeting at 9:30 and racing starting at 10:00 or soon after, depending on how long it takes to scout the ice. DN and Open class.  Post up if you have any questions.


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