Canadian Championship Regatta Called ON

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DN 5449:
4:00 pm report,status qu.Still no precipitation but system still on its way.Looks like fast moving system that will bring some rain and some snow to regatta site.With the mild temps tomorrow if we get the anticipated accumulations of less then 2" we should still be good.The Canadian DN trophy is on its way and with some Gold fleet sailors coming from MI it will be hard pressed to stay in Canada.
Next update from ice tomorrow at 9:00

DN 5449:
Regatta is a Go.

On  Regatta site this morning,we received 4 cm of wet snow 1.6".Temp is 0 Celcius,32 F and expected to warm up to 6 Celcius,with nice winds.We anticipating that it will knock some snow down.Ice is still hard underneath. (we had 7 cm last weekend and that disappeared in one day.)
We are going on with proceedings,course will be set ,Barbeque on and beverages provided at launch site.
There is a group on there way from MI and Kingston and we will have 3 Skeeters on the ice that will be available for sailors to try out.
There is space available at local sailors house if you need a room .
I think if you have never been to Thunder Bay,this is your chance to see it,s beauty.Wish I could guarantee Epic Conditions but it is what it is.I will make sure we provide as much as we can for you to have a good time.

You can call for more details 807 577-2109 before 10:00
807 626-4570

Daniel Hearn:
Nice job, Mike!  You've worked hard to make this happen, and have been very transparent about what you've got to offer.  If it were not for a parental care issue I have to take care of this weekend, I'd be there.  Wishing you a great regatta. 


US 5352

DN 5449:
Fantastic day on ice,weather warmed up snow melted off ice and the group sailed and scrub raced till 7:00.Had to kick them off ice for beverages and Barbeque.Ice is now snow free and cooling off tomorrow,

DN 5449:
Race by race results posted on IDNIYRA Website,also drone video of racing coming.
The Event was a great success and the weather and ice conditions were very good.
I have received more then my share of credit for putting this on,but in fairness without the following people and there roles they preformed the Event would probably not have happened.
Brian Forsyth,our newest fleet member.Brian provided the Quad,Barbeque,found us the launch site and was the guy that helped keep my sanity ,especially Thursday night while we endured a weather system
Dave Frost brought the marks ,starting line and kept reminding me it was going to be awesome.
Peter Van Rossem brought up trophy from Kingston,did a lot of the PRO work and calculated scoring.
Warren Nethercott,provided us with the SI.
Pat Heppert helped with the RC work and provided between race entertainment on his Skeeter.
Deb Whitehorse for doing what she always does.
Finally my family for helping with RC work and tolerating my craziness.


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