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Author Topic: DN Thoughts  (Read 765 times)
DN 5449
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« on: November 23, 2017, 12:21:37 PM »

My Rick Mercier Rant,( if your not sure who or what this means ,Google)

Taking a day off from iceboating here  ( season is in full on mode) and am taking time to reflect on what a great Sport Sailing really is,( even though I am not American,we don,t need a special day to be Thankfull)
So as I am spending the morning replacing the Wire rigging on My A Cat with Synthetic rigging,I gets to thinking,wow how nice is this.A:Not only is it Lighter ( not really a big deal for myself) but it is just as strong ( I am not an Engineer or Line ,Wire expert so I can only go with what I am told).B: it is significantly cheaper,no fancy Marine Eyes or special swagging needed .I can put a DN Shroud together for under $20. C:More convienient ( heck with a proper fid even I can rig up a shroud in under 10 min.)no ordering on line and paying shipping and waiting for it to arrive( you can probably really only appreciate this if your nearest rigging shop is more then 350 miles away).
Now without having been following the DN Politics lately,maybe Synthetic Rigging is allowed ( in which case disregard the next statement) then "WHY IS IT NOT " ( only in capitals to empasize the point)

On another seperate topic,I am curious about why at Major Events equipment is not weighed.The way I see some guys carry there Hulls around it gets me to thinking again ( I know too much thinking...) either.,A: These guys are way stronger then myself ( totally possible) .B: there Hulls are a lot lighter.or C: My Hull is grossly over weight and I am weak.Maybe yes there is an argument about my strength ( I am attending the gym more regularly)but I dispute that having weighed my Hull ,that it needs to lay off the Turkey.How much extra hassle would it be to get Hulls and masts weighed and stamped?
Anyway hopefully ,if not anything else I entertained you with my thoughts,if not then hopefully the Football games are good.
Happy Thangsgiving to all my American Friends,and if you live here in Canada then be Thankfull for that ( it really is Iceboating Heaven)
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